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Kathryn Atkins, Owner & CEO

Kathryn Atkins, Owner & CEO

Do you need remarkable content?
I’m a remarkable freelance writer.

Kathryn Atkins has a reputation for targeted writing, effectiveness, and flair.

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Website Content

You need “content” on EVERY page of your website.  Content tells your clients and prospects who you are, what you do, and why you do it. We’ll write it for you.

Press Releases

Whether in print or online, a successful press release is free advertising and well worth the effort. Want press coverage?

Newsletters and Sales Documents

We’ll write newsletters and sales content in brochures, sales letters, welcome documents, and advertisements.


Magazines are NOT dead.  Online magazines (e-zines) are very strong. Let us ghostwrite an article for you. CALL SOON.

Great business writing requires that we write from your goals with your voice.

CONTACT US TODAY so we can write for you. Press the “Read More” button below to see my book:

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My Portfolio

If you're in the market for writing services and great content, you've come to the right place.

Wilson Tech Solutions

Wilson Tech Solutions

Wilson Tech helps companies get organized!



Who has time? We do!

Magazine Articles

Magazine Articles

Get seen in “zines.”



Newsletters are a great way to communicate with your customers or club or employees!

Let Writing World spread the good news for you.



If your Public Relations person runs out of time, we’ll write the Press Release. Give us a try.

PR Newswire

PR Newswire

This is an example of a press release in which I was a collaborator.

California Writers Club

California Writers Club

I am the President of the Long Beach branch, and the editor of the newsletter. The Club itself is 105 years old!

California Writers Club Newsletter

California Writers Club Newsletter

The Flap About Flip Flops

The Flap About Flip Flops

Flip here to see the flap.

California Writers Club

California Writers Club

Go to our website for newsletter samples. I’m the editor.



Check out the full article by clicking here.

Cal Patriot Insurance

Cal Patriot Insurance

Check out the site.

GreatFence.com Blogs

GreatFence.com Blogs

Let Writing World blog for you so you can tend your business.

Stone Hatcher

Stone Hatcher

We wrote the content for all pages.

Nitai Pathak

Nitai Pathak

This is the personal website of Nitai Pathak, a prominent businessman. Everyone needs help in writing the highest quality content possible. It is more time efficient to hire a professional writer to do your writing for you.

Net Impact Marketing

Net Impact Marketing

This prominent Southern California company  encourages businesses of all sizes to increase their visibility and extend their marketing reach. Writing World, LLC works very closely with Net Impact Marketing and wrote most of the website content you’ll see when you visit. Even for great writers like Net Impact Marketing owner Rosemary Bach, it is often more efficient to hire a professional writer.

Recent Marketing Communications

Body Trainer  – Groupon Ad Copy

Memoir Author Pantheon Books – Press Release

Product Descriptions –  “Vape” Flavors! (2 Separate Companies)

Recent Journal and Magazine Articles*

Pharmaceutical Marketing Company: Patient Communications

Pharmaceutical Marketing Company: Diabetes Awareness

Website Designers: Tips for Marketers

* Ghostwritten.

Recent Website Content Projects*

Non Fiction Author – Blog

Dentistry – Website Pages

Divorce at Holidays – Blog

Marketing Consultant – About Us/Bios and Services

Event Planners – Bios and Services Pages

Mortgage Consultant – Blog

Motivational Speaker – Bio and Services pages

Wealth Management – Website Pages

Website Designers – Various Clients and Projects

Biz Insurance Agent – Website

SEO Professional – Website Pages


*(Samples Available on Request)

What our Clients Say

See what our clients are saying about our writing services and great content.

Michelle Quintana, Owner
Michelle Quintana, OwnerClutter & Hoarding Pros

I have never hired a professional writer before for my business but realized I needed the objectivity offered by Kathryn to help me look at the many options I had for a PR campaign. As luck would have it, she wrote a great PR piece for my business which was picked up by our local city community newspaper and placed on page one! I received quite a few inquiries and calls from that piece and have Kathryn and her creative writing skills to thank for it. I would highly recommend her services for any business, large or small, looking to further their website content, public relations campaign, blogging or just about any other writing need. Kathryn is a total professional and a delight to work with.

Dave Kharns, Certified Business Coach
Dave Kharns, Certified Business CoachFocal Point Coaching Excellence

A few months ago I decided to start a monthly newsletter for my business. My goals for the newsletter are to provide value for those receiving it, to provide articles that are as interesting to read as they are informative, and to reflect the professionalism my business strives for. After talking with Kathryn and reading some of her work for other clients, it was an easy decision to bring her in to help me with the articles. In addition to being an excellent writer for the articles she has written for me, she has also served as a great sounding board when planning specific articles or for the overall theme for my next newsletter, and she is a great proof reader for the articles I write. She is very open to any suggestions I make, and is very good at adjusting her writing style to fit the overall tone/voice of my newsletter. I would highly recommend you consider Kathryn for any writing needs you may have. I believe you’ll be just as satisfied with her work as I am.

Dan Lipton, Associate Publisher
Dan Lipton, Associate PublisherTRAVELHOST of Long Beach & South Bay Magazine

I recently hired Kathryn Atkins of Writing World to help me put my best foot forward on a very high profile Request for Proposal (RFP). She was organized, creative, meticulous, timely and always found ways to add value in ways that I would not have thought of on my own. Kathryn is easy to work with, she’s comfortable with deadlines and most of all, she makes you look good when the final product is completed. I highly recommend her for any type of writing or creative project.

Pamela Boboc, Owner
Pamela Boboc, OwnerLunada Vista Design

Kathryn writes well…really well. She researches her subject, understands her target audiences – both the reader and the client for whom she is writing – and uses the appropriate tone and voice for each piece. When I need an additional writing resource, she is my go-to source for website, email, and blog content.

Randall Koeneke, Associate of Risk Management (ARM) | Certified WorkComp Advisor (CWCA)
Randall Koeneke, Associate of Risk Management (ARM) | Certified WorkComp Advisor (CWCA)Sierra Republic Insurance Solutions

Kathryn is a superb copywriter and we’ve been amazed with her results. My firm is a commercial-insurance and risk-management consultancy — both of which are areas that many find to be dry, to say the very least. Kathryn captured the core messaging of what we do in a way that is succinct, extremely readable, and delivered with flair. And during the process, she also helped to hone our messaging and focus on what’s most important to our client interactions. I heartily recommend her.

Dan Stone, Owner
Dan Stone, OwnerThe Mortgage Fee Coach

I’m so happy that Kathryn is helping me with my website content.   My versions are too technical, too wordy, and don’t flow.  Kathryn’s style is fluid, to the point, and pleasing to read.  She is also creating content for my Social Media promotions.  I know my business will be much more successful because of her contributions.  If you need your content to be 10X better, call Kathryn Atkins at Writing World.

Ken Bator, Owner
Ken Bator, OwnerBTC Small Business

It’s a pleasure working with Kathryn of Writing World. She is very professional, her work is top notch, and she is great at follow up. I am pleased to have her in my network of professionals.

Bob Gruhler, Owner
Bob Gruhler, OwnerBusiness Consulting Group, California

Kathryn is creative, energetic, and driven to learn. She is a keen observer of business activities and processes.

Gerri Knilans, President
Gerri Knilans, President Trade Press Services

Kathryn Atkins has been writing for us for two years. Her ability to understand the varied topics, industries and clients we serve has been most advantageous. She turns in her work on time, and brings the best of her business education and corporate experience along with decades of writing to every project. She often adds clever ideas to the pieces we assign, whether it’s a press release, a magazine article, a sales document, or blog post. We’re glad we found her.

Frequently Asked Questions

We usually charge by the project; rarely by hour. Each job is different. Some are short, while others are very involved, and require research to deliver the marketing content you need. Your audience for the piece could be your own employees, or it could be a Fortune 500 company, or an advertising firm. The writing project could be over in a week, or it could stretch over six months. A blog might run from $100 to $300 or more per blog post, depending on the research and the length and frequency. Articles for online magazines start at $350 and go up.  Writing content for website pages may require simple copy editing (for existing copy) and run $75 to $100 per page depending on the length of each page and the number of pages.  Copy writing website content, or what we call writing a page from scratch, may run $100-$150 per page, depending on complexity and length of each page and how many pages are in the website. The best idea is to call me or email.  We can define the project and work out the details. We would love to write for you.
You probably write a zillion emails every day, but that doesn’t make you a good Writer (capital W), any more than cooking dinner every night makes me a gourmet chef. I am an expert at what I do, and you, in your business, are a professional at what you do. Besides,  when you’re out of time, you need someone else to start that writing project and then push it through. The blank page or blank screen scares people into procrastination until the project has reached an emergency stage. Yuck. No one likes that.
I love words. I can write all sorts of marketing documents: articles, letters, emails, newsletters, blogs, website content, etc. More importantly, we look through a list of things you’d like me to work on, and after a few questions, we can usually determine which is most important to you — or which needs to go out the door first!
I like writing because I can create something from absolutely nothing. It’s  wonderful to have someone say they need something, and they don’t know where to start.  To me, that’s a playground for creativity.  Besides, I learn so much from all the projects I’ve done and have yet to do, that writing for me is more fun than people should be allowed to have.
I work with companies of all sizes. I try to bring value to every project and every customer, whether it’s a sole proprietorship or a magazine editor or marketing VP. As a freelance business writer, my advantage is bringing a business sense and a writing professionalism to your project, and providing you with exactly the writing services you want.
I’ve taken layout and document design courses to have sensitivity to the spaces in which I write, and knowledge of fonts and colors. In the final analysis, though, I leave the design to the experts in the same way they leave the business writing and marketing communications content to me.

The best way might be to check out my LinkedIn profile. It’s all there. And then, we can do it the old fashioned way, too. We can talk on the phone or even in person! I look forward to hearing about your project.




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